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The DHET has just published the first national policy for distance education provision by South African universities. In line with the recent White Paper on Post School Education and Training, the new policy document supports expanded quality provision of distance education, including by universities outside of Unisa. Anticipating the promulgation of this policy, the recent AGM of the National Association for Distance Education and Open Learning in South Africa ( suggested the idea of a national colloquium on the new policy document to explore the implications of the policy and the possibilities it opens up. Nadeosa has always sought to engage positively with the policy environment and to create fora for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of such possibilities. We would like to hear from both members and non-members whether such a colloquium would be of interest to you. We anticipate that such a discussion would be of benefit to both public and private institutions, institutions offering distance education or contemplating doing so, institutions with various kinds of blended programmes as well as representatives of the TVET and community college sector with regard to possible partnerships as well as the initiation of guidelines for future distance provision in these sub-sectors as envisaged by the White Paper. Please communicate your interest to:

The National Association of Distance Education and Open Learning in South Africa (NADEOSA) thanks everyone for their participation in our pre-conference workshop and conference on Expanding Quality Distance Provision in an Integrated Post-School System that took place on 24th and 25th June 2014 at the University of Pretoria.

The conference page provides links to the keynotes and presentations.



NADEOSA has added additional case studies to our collection illustrating our distance education quality criteria.