Courseware Awards

Courseware Awards

In 2000 NADEOSA decided to institute the Courseware Awards in order to celebrate excellence in distance education and to encourage institutions to make the necessary investment in good courseware planning, design and development.

It was felt that this was entirely consistent with the reason why NADEOSA was established as indicated in the NADEOSA constitution and its code of ethics. It was also felt that the Courseware Awards might raise interest in NADEOSA among institutions that are currently not members. It was hoped that some of these institutions might subsequently join, and so strengthen, the organisation.

The criteria for judging the courseware have evolved over the years and are attached for reference.

The 2008 winners were:

  • Community Psychology: Re-imagining Psychology from the Department of Psychology at Unisa, and
  • Foundations of Protected Area Management, Module 1 offered by the Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development (CEAD at the University of Kwazulu Natal.

UKZN Winner, Fiona Bulman with Past-President Rachel Prinsloo. To read a report on the courseware awards which includes the criteria used in the evaluation of the courses submitted click here.

The 2006 winner was:

Understanding Language and Literacy Based Barriers in the Classroom of the ACE LSEN programme offered by the Wits School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand.

To read a detailed report on the courseware awards click here

The theme for 2004 was "In-service Professional Development Courseware" and the winners were:

  • Excellence in Individual Print-based Courseware - UNISA for Dynamics of Inter-Religious Encounter.
  • Excellence in Collaborative Print-based - University of Fort Hare - B Ed programme.
    Criteria used to evaluate the courses. Summary Report.

The theme for 2002 was “ Open Learning, the Community and Social Development” and the winners were:

  • Natal University – Centre for Adult Education for: Asifunde! An Adult Literacy Programme; and
    St John’s Basic Home Care Course Criteria used to evaluate the courses

The theme for 2000 was “Access Courses” and the winners were:

  • University of the Witwatersrand for their FDE in English language teaching.
  • University of Natal (for its B.Ed programme) – Highly Commended
  • Sached (for its ASECA programme) - Highly Commended.
    Criteria used to evaluate the courses. Summary Report.