Information from Executive Committee

The NADEOSA Executive for are exploring a number of interesting possible projects for the new year:

  • Ensuring that all our members subscribe to our revised code of ethics.
  • A series of workshops which could include:
    • A follow-up workshop on enrollment planning and the issue of funding in higher education. (This is very topical for both distance education providers and face-to-face providers as the funding task team is in the process of conducting research for their recommendations to the Department of Higher Education and Training.)
    • An OER (Open Educational Resources) sensitization workshop as part of the Open Courseware Consortium OER week at the beginning of March 2012.
    • Workshop on the UNESCO/Commonealth of Learning OER Guidelines.
    • New distance education higher education policy.
    • Role of distance education and technology in the green paper on post schooling.
    • Preparation of institutions for the next round of the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) audit cycle together with the HEQC.
    • Getting greater clarity on institutional takeup on connectivity in the country which has huge implications for distance education. This workshop would be held together with SANReN.
    • Continued work on Programme Modelling - Nadeosa's research into the cost and human resource implications for different models of ODL provision.