NADEOSA sees itself as being an inclusive, rather than an exclusive association. Any individual or organisation with an interest in open learning principles and distance education strategies is welcome to join.

The membership categories are:
A. Institutions, consortia or programmes that provide distance education;
B. Associations of individuals, institutions or programmes that provide distance education;
C. Professional bodies involved in distance education;
D. Governmental departments
E. Individuals
F. Associate membership will also be considered at a rate agreed to in negotiation with the NADEOSA Executive.

Although NADEOSA is primarily an organisational membership body, individuals are encouraged to become involved in NADEOSA, either through their organisational representation by submitting their details online through the website; or alternatively by becoming individual members.

Membership Profile

In joining NADEOSA you will have the opportunity to network, share expertise and experience with higher education institutions offering both face-to-face and distance education, further education and training (FET) colleges, private institutions involved in both higher and FET education, and NGOs.

Registration Information

You can register as an organisational or individual member. Membership can be secured on payment of an annual fee.

If you would like to register an organisation with NADEOSA, please download the Organisation Registration Form.If you would like to register in your personal capacity, download the Individual Registration Form.
Please post this form together with a signed copy of the code of ethics back to the NADEOSA Secretariat at:

NADEOSA Secretariat,
PO Box

The NADEOSA Executive will then review your application and once it has been approved the Secretariat will send through an invoice for the required membership fee. On receipt of payment each year members will be issued with a certificate of membership.

View a list of all organisational NADEOSA members.

Complete lists including contact information and individual members are available to members only. Requests can be sent to Jenny Louw.